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Hearing Aid Cleaning and Maintenance

Hearing aids are extremely complex biomedical devices with small and delicate electronic components. As with all modern technology - things can go wrong when proper maintenance does not take place. Over time your hearing aid(s) may not work as well as they once did. Regular cleaning and maintenance is easy to do yourself. However, if regular cleaning does not take place then there is a risk of failure and/or permanent damage that will require a diagnosis and repair by the manufacturer.

Some common problems that might occur that suggest your hearing aids might need to be serviced include:

  • Little or No Volume
  • Buzzing/Static
  • Muffled Sound
  • Excessive Feedback (i.e. whistling)

Hearing Aid Vacuuminghearing-aid-vacumming.jpg

Our professional cleaning services include the use of a specially calibrated vacuum that allows us to remove debris and build up from your hearing aid’s microphones, receiver (speaker), and vents.

Negative Pressure Chamber

Hearing aids sit in a dark, damp environment all day (your ear!). Electronics and moisture are a recipe for disaster. Luckily, modern hearing aids have a high rating against moisture. Day after day, year after year, moisture can still slowly build up - leading to corrosion and hearing aid failure. Our negative pressure chamber is designed to draw moisture out of your hearing aids, lengthening their life, and protecting your investment.

We highly recommend that everyone use a Hearing Aid Dryer every night to prevent moisture damage to your hearing aids. This is particularly important for people who are more prone to sweating and those who spend a lot of time outdoors. We carry both PASSIVE and ACTIVE dryers that can both dry and disinfect your hearing aids. Using a dryer on a daily basis will protect your investment, giving you piece of mind that your hearing aids will continue helping you for years to come. The two most common causes of hearing aid repair are earwax and moisture - using a hearing aid dryer every night is a simple way for you to reduce the likelihood of moisture damage.

Contact us or come visit our clinic today to see what hearing aid dryers we currently carry.