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Industrial Hearing Testing

It is the employer’s responsibility under OHS to ensure that a qualified professional, in consultation with a physician, audiologist, or occupational health nurse, conducts audiometric tests.

Acoustic Audiology is able to complete hearing assessments that comply with both Alberta and Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards. OHS requires that all hearing assessments be carried out in consultation with a Physician, Audiologist, or Occupational Health Nurse. Since Acoustic Audiology is the only Audiology clinic in Lloydminster with a full time Clinical Audiologist on staff, we are able to streamline the audiometric testing process for you and your employees.

An audiologist or physician, as defined by OHS, must review any “abnormal” or “abnormal shift” audiograms. Our audiologist is able to review these test results, as well as write a report to the employee’s family physician (as required by OHS).

We keep all of your employees records on hand, ensuring that you are complying with OHS, and more importantly, tracking your employees hearing so that you can make changes to your hearing conservation program when appropriate.

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