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Testimonial 2"Losing your hearing is a shock you can’t imagine! I know it happened to me. I ignored contact with friends, hated to go to work, hated to talk to my kids – it was embarrassing to make them repeat themselves or yell. One phone call, one visit to Kim & Terry, and holy crap! Life is good. I can visit, carry on a conversation, and hear everything. Terry said it would happen and it did. Good people that care. My advice is to get checked by them if you have problems hearing. Any questions? Ask me – I can hear you now. Thanks to everyone at Acoustic Audiology!"

Wally Ankney

Testimonial 2"I am happy to say that my experience with Acoustic Audiology has been totally successful and satisfying. As a first-time hearing aid user, the fitting and adjustment to my personal prescription could not have been better. I put my “aids” in each morning and take them out each night and enjoy better hearing and social communication. I highly recommend!"

Bishop Paul Terrio

Testimonial Photo.jpg"I am so happy with the staff at Acoustic Audiology and so grateful for what they have done for me. They went out of their way to get me full funding for my hearing aids. If it wasn't for them I would still be missing so much in the world. Now I can hear at meetings, I can hear my family, and I can participate in conversations. I never realized I was missing so much until I got my hearing aids. I can't be without my hearing aids, I love them.

Thanks to everyone at Acoustic Audiology for changing my life!"

Rose Cormier

One day as I drove by Acoustic Audiology I decided to drive in and make an appointment to have my hearing tested. When I walked in I was greeted very politely and was told that I could be seen for a hearing assessment right away. My family has been telling me for many years that my hearing was poor; and with no surprise the hearing test showed the same thing – that I had a significant hearing loss. At no time did Terry say that I had to buy hearing aids; instead he discussed my hearing loss and advised me that the best treatment for my type of hearing loss was hearing aids. The way he discussed everything made it very easy to understand and I felt as though someone was truly listening to my concerns.

When my hearing aids came in Terry adjusted them to my prescription using a fascinating process he called Real Ear Measurements. He also showed me how to insert and remove them, as well as clean and maintain them using a variety of different tools. Terry and the staff are phenomenal at what they do and have shown me that they truly care about their patients. At no time did I feel pressured into pursing hearing aids, but they helped me understand why it was the best route to treat my hearing loss.

Terry also helped me file a claim with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta for hearing loss. This resulted in me getting full funding for my hearing aids, as well as ongoing support and replacement for the rest of my life.

I suggest any person with hearing loss should go to Acoustic Audiology for help. They are very polite, caring, and really know their stuff. I will tell everyone I know that Acoustic Audiology is the best place to go for help with hearing loss and hearing aids. I would like to thank the staff at Acoustic Audiology for helping me treat my hearing loss and for helping me improve my quality of life!

Robert Ottenbreit

"I grew up on a farm in the sixties, where very little thought went into the use of hearing protection. I ran all kinds of machinery and equipment and power tools. I also hunted a lot, without the use of hearing protection.

After college, my job consisted of the use of firearms; plus patrolling in boats and aircrafts, as well as quads and other off-road equipment (once again, without hearing protection). Along with this came the requirements of all government employees to have annual audio appointments. This is when I discovered I had irreparable ear damage.

I went to the hearing centre in Lloydminster where I was fitted with hearing aids. All of a sudden I could hear again. This reopened a new world for me. I was amazed at what I was missing. The staff is so professional, polite and caring and it made all the difference in the world. I could call anytime with questions and they were always answered. Every one of the employees is outstanding.

I am so excited when I go outdoors and can hear robins sing and geese honk and even the flutter of hummingbird wings. The sounds of my grandchildren are another bonus that I would not miss for the world. We cannot take things for granted.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Acoustic Audiology for the amazing competence they display."

Gary Walsh

" I’m 68 years old and decided recently to get my hearing checked because I have known, and my family also has known, for some time that my hearing was very likely at a very poor level. I’m very happy that I finally decided to get professional help with my hearing issues. I contacted Acoustic Audiology and arranged for an appointment to get professionally tested. That was several months ago.

I’m very pleased to state that the decision to get professional help has improved my life and that of my wife and family. I cannot overstate how impressed I have been with the extremely professional service that I have received at Acoustic Audiology.

Terry Sokalofsky and staff have been very thorough and helpful throughout my hearing evaluation process, including the explanation of the results, making recommendations regarding needed hearing assistance and available hearing aids, the pricing for hearing aids, the fitting process for my hearing aids, and follow-up assistance as to the use and operation of my hearing aids.

Acoustic Audiology has shown me that they are not only very capable but that they truly care about every aspect of their services. I would recommend them to anyone that has any doubts about the quality and adequacy of their hearing ability."

Loren Politeski