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Lloydminster & Area's OnlyAudiology Clinic

At Acoustic Audiology we realize that it is not about hearing loss, it is about engaging with the world around us. Hearing loss affects everyone differently, bringing unique challenges and obstacles to everyone involved. Our team strives to find personalized hearing solutions by combining our expertise and experience with industry-leading technology. Our goal is to empower people so they can enjoy a richer, healthier life and reconnect with those that matter most. 

About Us

What sets us apart?

  • We lead as Lloydminster’s ONLY hearing clinic with a Clinical Audiologist.
  • Lloydminster’s ONLY Audiology clinic.
  • Lloydminster's ONLY locally Owned & Operated Hearing Clinic.
  • Our team has been serving Lloydminster for over 25 years.
  • Family ran practice.
  • We lead by using innovative, cutting edge technology.
  • Clean, modern, welcoming environment.
  • Convenient location, great parking, excellent accessibility.


Our Client Testimonials

“I can talk and communicate with people so much better, and I'm enjoying life so much more. The people at Acoustic Audiology (Terry and his team) are definitely the people to see for your hearing issues. I cannot say thank you enough.”

Don Reinhart

“I ignored contact with friends, hated to go to work, hated to talk to my kids – it was embarrassing to make them repeat themselves or yell. One phone call, one visit to Kim & Terry, and holy crap! Life is good. I can visit, carry on a conversation, and hear everything. Terry said it would happen and it did. Good people that care.”

Wally Ankney

“I never realized I was missing so much until I got my hearing aids. I can't be without my hearing aids, I love them. Thanks to everyone at Acoustic Audiology for changing my life!”

Rose Cormier

“Acoustic Audiology has shown me that they are not only very capable but that they truly care about every aspect of their services. I would recommend them to anyone that has any doubts about the quality and adequacy of their hearing ability.”

Lorne Politeski

“The changes in the quality of hearing aids I have used is phenomenal. Having staff that are so professional, polite and caring made all the difference in the world. [. . .] I am so excited when I go out doors and can hear robins sing, geese honk and even the flutter of hummingbird wings. The sounds of my grandchildren are another bonus that I would not miss for the world.”

Gary Walsh

“I am happy to say that my experience with Acoustic Audiology has been totally successful and satisfying. […] I put my “aids” in each morning and take them out each night and enjoy better hearing and social communication. I highly recommend!”

Bishop Paul Terrio

"Acoustic Audiology is the best place to go for help with hearing loss and hearing aids. I would like to thank the staff at Acoustic Audiology for helping me treat my hearing loss and for helping me improve my quality of life!"

Robert Ottenbreit

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If you or someone you know is living with hearing loss, encourage them to make an appointment for a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment with one of our hearing healthcare providers today. The hearing rehabilitation process is about more than just hearing better. It is about empowering you and helping you and your loved ones minimize the impact hearing loss has on your life. By improving your hearing, you can continue doing the things that you enjoy with the people you love, and ultimately live a fuller, richer, and healthier life.

  • Terry-Sokalofsky.jpg

    Terry Sokalofsky
    Registered Clinical Audiologist, Owner

  • Lauren-Turner.jpg

    Lauren Turner
    Registered Hearing Aid Practitioner

  • Kim-Sokalofsky.jpg

    Kim Sokalofsky
    Office Manager, Owner

  • Alex-Sokalofsky.jpg

    Alexander (Sandy) Sokalofsky

  • Kylie Sokalofsky

    Kylie Sokalofsky
    Operations Support, Owner

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