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This is a very common question, and although it may seem logical to compare hearing loss to vision loss, it can lead to a lot of misconceptions and confusion about hearing loss treatment. The most common vision problems are due to a refractive problem (e.g. nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia). The problem is that your eye does not focus light onto

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  This is a complicated question – the short answer for both questions is yes and no (confusing I know). The first thing to keep in mind is that we hear with our brain, not our ears. When you have hearing loss it means that your hearing pathways (i.e. nerves from your ear to your brain) are not being used

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In the audiology field, the two most common types of hearing implants we deal with are Cochlear Implants (CIs) and Bone Anchored Hearing Systems (BAHS). Both types of implants are designed for people with specific types of hearing loss and when “traditional” acoustic hearing aids are not the best treatment approach.   A Cochlear Implant (CI) is reserved for people

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Prior to investing any of your time or money into a particular clinic or provider you want to be sure to ask a few important questions. You want to make sure the clinician you are seeing is licensed to practice in Alberta. This is not a business license, but a professional license that allows an individual to perform certain health

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