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Hearing Aid Repair

Oticon_Opn_miniRITE_C068RoyalBlue_Exploded_Width300mm_300dpi.pngHearing Aids are extremely sophisticated biomedical devices that have millions of electrical connections and many small moving parts - it is not uncommon for them to need to be repaired over time. Furthermore, hearing aids spend all day, everyday, year after year in a moist environment surrounded by earwax.

Our staff is trained to diagnose hearing aid problems and perform repairs in the office of all makes and models of hearing aids. Should your hearing aid(s) require a major repair, it will need to be sent back to the manufacturer. This process typically takes approximately 10-14 days. We can also send your hearing aid to get a repair estimate to determine the cause of the problem and the cost of the repair. Sometimes it makes more sense to invest money into a new hearing aid instead of repairing an older one.

All new hearing aids come with a repair warranty that covers any minor and major repairs that are necessary. Once this warranty has expired, there are fees associated with repairing hearing aids. Major repairs from the manufacturer will usually include a 6-12 month warranty on the hearing aid after it is fixed. Certain 3rd parties will assist with the cost of repairs (e.g. AADL, WCB, Veteran’s Affairs, NIHB, etc.).

Even if you did not purchase your hearing aids from us we are more than happy to try and assist you in any way that we can should your hearing aid break down. We always try our best to perform repairs in the office when possible; however, certain repairs can only be performed by the manufacturer.

Please note that hearing aid manufacturers will not repair hearing aids over 6-years-old so it is best that we resolve any malfunctions in your hearing aid(s) as soon as possible.

If your hearing aid has stopped working or is not working properly please contact us at (780) 875-9711 or [email protected].